Add a little character to your next project!

See how bespoke illustration can help communicate your message:

create your own house style

No more mix and match illustrations. With bespoke illustration you can create your own unique personalised family of characters that can help to turn your message into a memorable campaign with bags of personality.

Illustration – 4.5hrs

that communicates your message…

Visual stimulation helps reader retention. 
Reinforce your message with illustrations and take your readers on a journey with your characters as their lovable guides.

Illustration – 3.5hrs

without limitations…

Your message is unique so why shouldn’t your illustrations be?
Don’t be limited by what you can find on stock libraries. Whatever you can think of I can illustrate. You want a bear riding a unicorn?! Sure I can do that.

Illustration – 3.5hrs

…at any size

All of my illustrations are created in a vector format. The beauty of this is that they can be reproduced at any size without any loss of quality. So feel free to think big!

Illustration – 2.5hrs

Ideal for newsletters, infographics, public awareness campaigns, and instructional flyers.

that won’t blow your budget

I specialise in creating cost effective bold graphic styles, which communicate effectively whilst being relatively quick to produce. I charge £40 per hour and to give an idea of how long my illustrations take to create I have shown times next to each of the illustrations on this page. For a style similar to these I would charge half an hour per illustration for the initial sketch and then 1 hour per character to create the final artwork.

 For more details about my illustration process click here.

Introducing pre-built 3d characters

Three dimensions for the price of two

Have you ever wanted to use 3D characters in your project but found them too expensive to commission? Well now is your chance! I am introducing a range of prebuilt 3D characters that are ready and waiting to be used in your next campaign.

To find out they can start working for you click here!


Please take a look at some of my work below and explore my site to learn a little more about the way I work. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or have an upcoming project that you would like to collaborate on.

Some Work

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