The Illustration Process

I can create characters in a range of different styles, but I specialise in characters made from bold simple shapes because I find that it allows me to communicate messages in the quickest, most budget-friendly way possible. The following gives an example of my workflow and gives an idea of how long the process takes.

01 Initial Sketch

From that brief I will create an initial hand drawn outline sketch, this may be quite rough, but it would show the character/s and the suggested composition. This is then sent to the client for approval or feedback. For a fairly simple illustration like this one that should take approximately 0.5 hours.

02 Vector Character Layout

Once the sketch is approved I will create the characters as vector artwork. This ensures that the final files can be reproduced at any size without a loss of quality. I tend to use simple bold graphic shapes which means that they are both eye-catching and quite quick to produce. I would expect characters like those shown to take approximately 1.5 hours per character to create.

03 Background Layout

Once the characters have been completed I will create the background. This will usually consist of simple shapes and not too much detail, so that it doesn’t detract from the characters. I would expect a simple background like the one shown to take approximately 1 hour to create.

04 Supply Files

Once the illustration has been signed off the final files are supplied to the client in whichever format/s they prefer. Although the Illustrations have been created as vector files they can easily be converted to jpegs or pngs for use on websites or internal communications.

05 Enhancements

I typically tend to find that the simple graphic styles that I create are suitable for many applications. But if at a later stage you wish to add more detail to the illustration for example to be used as a hero image then I can use the existing illustration as a base and add more shadows highlights and textures. In this case I would send you a quote based on your requirements




Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or have an upcoming project that you would like to collaborate on.

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