The 3d Process

It all starts with the brief from the client. This should ideally be as detailed as possible, and include descriptions of character including age, gender, race, body type, what clothes they should be wearing etc.

01 Initial Sketch

When designing a 3d character it is important to consider how they will look from a variety of different angles. Reference images will be created which show the character from the front, back and side.

02 Modelling

Using the reference drawings as a guide, the character is created using a number of 3d modelling packages, using a variety of techniques to create a model constructed of polygons.

03 Texturing

A UV map is then created for the character which essentially creates a flattened version of the polygons. Colours and textures are painted onto the uv map which is then applied to the model.

04 Rigging

The character is then “rigged” this is the process of giving the character a virtual skeleton and binding the character to that skeleton. This enables us to move and pose him or her.

05 Posing

Now the character can be moved using the skeleton, into a wide variety of poses, and the camera can be moved to create the desired composition. Little extra tlc may be required at this stage to ensure that the character is looking its best in the desired pose.

06 Rendering

Now that the character and camera are in position we need to make sure that the scene is lit correctly and then we can render the scene, and supply the final image files.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or have an upcoming project that you would like to collaborate on.

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