Pre-built 3d characters

The benefits of 3d characters are enormous. Once they are built you can easily show them at an infinite number of angles in a wide variety of poses. But because of the length of time they take to build they are usually cost prohibitive for many marketing budgets.

Now you can have 3d characters without the setup costs. Introducing Prebuilt 3d characters. These characters have been modelled textured and rigged and are ready for action. You only pay for the time it takes to pose and render!

Introducing Geoff

Geoff is a real go-getter with marketing and advertising credentials that are second to none. If you’ve got a message to communicate or a product to sell he’s your man. He’s modelled, textured, and rigged and ready for action. Get in touch today get Geoff on your team!

… and Kate

Kate is guaranteed to brighten up any presentation. She’s fun and friendly and she’s one smart cookie. She would make the perfect spokesperson for any company and is also modelled, textured, and rigged so get in touch and add Kate to your marketing team today!

You only pay for posing and rendering


Just let me know what you would like your chosen character/s to be doing and I will pose them into position and send over a test render. This process will usually take approximately 1 hour per pose per character.


Once you are happy with the pose let me know what size you need the scene rendered at and I will supply you with the final files. This process usually takes approximately 1 hour per scene.

Customisations available on request

These characters are ready to use straight away and over time I am planning to add new characters and variations to the collection. But in the meantime if you would like to customise the existing ones, the following changes are possible:


The easiest way to differentiate the characters are through changing the Colours of the hair or clothes.


It’s amazing how much difference a new hairstyle can make. A new do will require modelling and texturing.


It’s also possible to change your characters facial features. This may require remodelling, texturing and re-rigging.


Perhaps you need your character wearing something a little more casual? This will require modelling, texturing and rigging.


Depending upon what you require these can usually be sourced, at considerably less than they would cost to build.


Again these can also be sourced, but it may be more cost effective to use 2d illustration to create a backdrop.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or have an upcoming project that you would like to collaborate on.

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