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    The Client

    Personal Project – Available to anyone

    The Brief

    Have you considered using 3D characters to help communicate your message? There are many benefits to 3d models, because of the way they are built they can easily be shown at an infinite amount of angles doing a wide variety of activities, and when rendered at high resolution can be used for a wide variety of applications.

    The main barrier to entry for most companies using 3d characters in their marketing is probably the amount of time, and therefore money, that it takes to create them. The initial modelling, rigging and texturing process of even a simple character takes around five days. Once the characters have been created, though, they are incredibly versatile, and their benefits can be leveraged.

    I have create a couple of 3d business avatars they have been modelled, textured and rigged and are ready, willing and able to be used to help you communicate your message. There is no set-up fee. You will only be charged for posing the model, sourcing or building any props, and rendering the final file. If you would like to make minor changes to the characters that can also be done.

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